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Fun:You have two cows – RationalWiki – You have two cows, but you’re too distracted to see them because of David Bowie’s crotch. You have two cows, but you can’t see them behind Jennifer Connelly’s white ballgown. Law & Order: You have two separate yet equally important cows: the policecow who investigates crime and the district attorney cow who prosecutes the offenders.

ricochet Bert – ricochet Bert Tuesday, November 15, 2005. affiliations bodied. imprisoned deflater The cases show that this already worrisome staph germ has become even more dangerous by acquiring the ability to cause this shock-like condition. .

Blog Archives – bertylradical – The second estimate of first quarter GDP Deflator came in at 2. Briefing. com consensus of 2. The key takeaway from the report is that the revision moved in the right direction, which will aid in tempering concerns about the slowdown when pitted against some otherwise rosy forecasts for the second quarter (Atlanta Fed GDPNow model at 4.

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Reading Children’s Books: how many more of us will be. – how many more of us will be taken down?—–Only weeks removed from her position inside Opposition leader Mulcair’s office when officially joining Edelman (and, no doubt, in close communication with the Energy East team no later than May 15th, the date of the “Grassroots Advocacy Vision Document”), Canadians are left to wonder what sort of privileged Parliamentary information.

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